How Meta’s Mega-Exclusive Verification Service is Changing the Game for Businesses!

Meta’s Expansion of Verified Services for Businesses

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is extending its paid Meta’s Mega-Exclusive verification service, Meta Verified, to businesses on its social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and eventually WhatsApp. This move was recently announced by Mark Zuckerberg during Meta’s “Conversations” event.

Meta Verified for Businesses

Meta Verified was initially launched earlier this year for individual users on Facebook and Instagram. However, it was not available for those with business accounts until now. This expansion of the service to businesses comes with a pricing difference compared to individual accounts.

For a single account verification on either Facebook or Instagram, businesses will be charged $27.99 per month for mobile sign-ups or $21.99 for web-based purchases. Additionally, business owners can bundle Instagram and Facebook verification for $34.99 per month. While this pricing is notably higher than the $12 to $15 per month cost for individual Meta Verified accounts, Meta believes that business owners will find the added benefits worthwhile.

Benefits of Meta Verified

Meta Verified offers several advantages to verified accounts, including a checkmark symbol, higher ranking in search results, fast-track access to customer support channels, and proactive protection against impersonation. Furthermore, Meta plans to feature “Meta Verified businesses” prominently in its in-app recommendations on Facebook and Instagram.

When Meta Verified becomes available for WhatsApp, it will introduce additional benefits, such as multi-device support for customer chats and the ability to create a business page that appears in web-based search results. However, the pricing for verified status on WhatsApp has not been disclosed yet.

Meta's Mega-Exclusive verification service

Subscription Requirements

Meta requires subscribers, including businesses, to verify their identities. Business subscribers must provide proof of their association with the business, typically through a phone number or email domain. Meta also mandates the use of two-factor authentication and expects subscribers to maintain a minimum level of activity.


Initially, Meta plans to make subscriptions available to business owners in select test countries, although specific locations have not been disclosed. The rollout of Meta Verified for WhatsApp is expected in the future, but no exact timeline has been provided.

Other Updates for Businesses

In addition to expanding Meta Verified, the company announced several other updates for businesses using its messaging tools. In-app payments on WhatsApp, currently available in Brazil and Singapore, will soon be accessible to merchants in India. The app will support credit and debit card payments, as well as integration with apps like Razorpay. Meta is also introducing “WhatsApp flows,” allowing businesses to create customized features such as appointment booking directly within in-app chats. This feature will be available to WhatsApp Business users in the coming weeks.

In conclusion, Meta’s expansion of the Meta Verified service to businesses across its platforms aims to provide enhanced benefits and recognition to verified business accounts. This move aligns with Meta’s efforts to offer valuable tools and features to its business users across the globe.

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