Galaxy S24 Ultra: the AI ​​functions we would like on iPhone 16 Pro

The AI ​​functions introduced with the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, which Apple users would like on iPhone 16 and iOS 18.

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – announced in January 2024 – introduces innovative features powered by artificial intelligence (AI), designed to improve the user experience in several ways.

Galaxy S24 Ultra: 5 very useful AI functions

Artificial intelligence in modern smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra represents a fundamental step towards greater interaction and personalization of the user experience. Advanced AI features, like those featured in the Galaxy S24 Ultra, focus on several aspects:

  • Photography and Video : AI like that used in “Generative Edit” transforms the way we interact with our images, enabling complex and creative changes that previously required professional editing software.
  • Translation and Communication : Features like “Live Translate” overcome language barriers, making global communication more fluid and accessible.
  • Writing and Search Assistance : “Chat Assist” and “Circle to Search” demonstrate how AI can simplify everyday tasks, from writing messages to searching for information online.
  • Productivity : “Note Assist” highlights the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in making information management more efficient, a crucial aspect in an increasingly data-driven world.

In summary, the AI ​​in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra isn’t just about new features; it represents a fundamental shift in the way we interact with technology, making devices more intuitive, responsive and personalized to our needs.

Artificial Intelligence on iPhone 16 with iOS 18

The integration of advanced AI capabilities into devices like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra opens the door to similar possibilities in iPhones, particularly with the highly anticipated iPhone 16 and its iOS 18 operating system. With iOS 18 described as potentially the biggest update in iPhone history, it’s reasonable to speculate that Apple could incorporate AI features similar to those in the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

For example, we could see improvements in the Siri voice assistant, based on advanced language models, which could offer real-time translation capabilities similar to Samsung’s “Live Translate”. Additionally, advanced AI photo editing capabilities could be introduced, further enhancing the iPhones’ already excellent photography experience.


What are the key AI functions introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

The Galaxy S24 Ultra introduces innovative AI functions, including “Generative Edit” for advanced photo and video editing, “Live Translate” for overcoming language barriers, “Chat Assist” and “Circle to Search” for writing and search assistance, and “Note Assist” for improved productivity.

How does AI impact photography and video on the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

The AI function “Generative Edit” on the Galaxy S24 Ultra transforms the user experience in photography and video by enabling complex and creative changes, eliminating the need for professional editing software.

What role does AI play in language translation and communication on the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s AI function “Live Translate” enhances global communication by overcoming language barriers, providing a more fluid and accessible experience.

How does AI simplify everyday tasks on the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

AI functions like “Chat Assist” and “Circle to Search” on the Galaxy S24 Ultra simplify everyday tasks, from writing messages to searching for information online, showcasing the potential of AI in enhancing user convenience.

How might AI be integrated into the iPhone 16 with iOS 18, following the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s advancements?

With the potential for iOS 18 to be the biggest update in iPhone history, AI features similar to those on the Galaxy S24 Ultra could be incorporated into the iPhone 16. This may include improvements to Siri with real-time translation capabilities and enhanced AI photo editing features, building on Apple’s commitment to innovation.

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